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11 Oct 2013




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 11 Jul 2012

When a document is not finished, it is easier to place it on the Windows desktop, so we can find it immediately. This is the first step to overloading our desktops with countless icons. We may forget about certain folders or applications, so their shortcuts will just waste valuable desktop space. Desk & Archive will help you organize your desktop with greater efficiency. Essentially, it is a files organizer, but it gives you a clear view on your contents, even if they are scattered all over your desktop. Its functions make it easier to create, edit or move files and it can make suggestions which can spare you from browsing through your folders structure.

Desk & Archive's setup package is 1.44 Mb large. The application can be installed on Windows XP (SP3), Vista or Win 7 and it will take only a few moments. Desk & Archive is currently in the beta period, so you can use it for free.

With the aid of a tree menu, located on the left side of the interface, you can jump directly to various folders from the Windows library, recently or frequently accessed files, archived contents and more. The files and folders on your desktop are displayed in the larger area of the window. They are grouped according to their creation dates. You can use the software's search function to find something instantly, or filter your contents to show only folders, images or general items, like documents or media files.

It is also possible to filter files by their extensions. This requires selecting a file type from a pop up menu. The available filters depend on what type of files you place on your desktop. For example, if you place a Flash video, this format will appear automatically in the filters list. In other words, the software will remember what type of files you copy to your desktop and it will place new filters at your disposal.

Shortcuts that launch applications are not listed among your files. Their icons are displayed on a small launch bar, in the lower left corner of the interface. If you create new shortcuts, for other applications, their icons will appear on the launch bar automatically. When you access one or more folders, a series of tabs will be created beneath the tree menu. In this way, you can jump to recent places instantly.

Normally, when new tabs are involved, you may have to close old ones to avoid clutter. If certain tabs, on Desk & Archive's interface, are not used for a period of time, the software will move them automatically to a folder called "Old Tabs." When you access an old tab, the program will place it back, among the active ones. There are many more features that will help you sort your files, spare you from creating reminders, access previews with greater ease and much more.


Desk & Archive automatically sorts your files and folders on its interface. It places numerous filters at your disposal, depending on a folder's contents. The software creates new tabs when you access folders and it places old ones in a separate location. There are many automatic features that will make it easy to organize your data.


When you perform an action, like moving or deleting files, a notification will pop up on the interface, which may be uncomfortable after some time. Desk & Archive lets you organize your files, folders or shortcuts with great efficiency. Due to its smart functions, it will not take long to accommodate to the interface, because it will accommodate itself to your actions.

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